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”Ski Memory“ - Happy experiences of our instructors



* Magdicka -  little red devil

... Everything else ... my instructor got a good heart shot!

So ....


... Gets into teaching freshly shaven, cheerful and smiling - really just because of her ”little red-haired 5-year-old Magdicka, which is used only for girls and liked our instructor Liduska which unfortunately is ill, but now I'm here as a I stand - “a man instructor ...”

The first meeting ...

... All the wrong turns ... blubbering tears as peas, are not able to even look me in the eye, to hide from me, for my father back, no fear ...

Walk to ski bus stop trying to communicate, but not in vain, so they at least talking with her father “what would be true to her daughter and how her”

We come to the lifts 'Formanek'

Begin the final phase “of my first lessons, ski and deploying suddenly starts kicking feet around me - I get a nice knees, ouch ... I can take it, do not not show it! With little hands she is beating me, is able to do anything that did not ski, just not let you put on skis ...

Getting at least build a mud pie ... I've had three, but Magdicka still nothing . After a moment she think that it could destroy at least as it is very good, but nothing from the building and not cross it at all.

After an hour of effort, at least, put on skis with the failure to acquire're going home ...!

Coming to office ..., dad asked if I was a lady that said it helped to have said about Magdicka can! I said, ”Unfortunately no, girls are out sick or working, we are currently only available to instructors'

Safa, however, does not give up, ”let's try more tomorrow, better sleep, a little at least I will know it and will definitely be better!

The second meeting and also the last ...

We welcome the morning with my mother, a nice smiling lady ... “Well look Magdicko, such a clever man you are an instructor and you want to ski, Mama says ...”

After yesterday's flattered and raises self-esteem, o)

We're leaving together on the bus with me Magdicka said a tiny bit of sledging, even as I hold her hand ... it looks promising ... but it is only a foolish idea.

We got to 'Formanek'

The mother is trying all possible bribes Magdicku persuaded to use skis, everything takes about half an hour.

Finally, it puts a ski coming around to what was already there ... but atrocious atrocious crying, to be heard perhaps the lift in Janske Lazne, fumes and rolling on the ground. Calming her ... mother rather than me, because once it touches everything worse ...

After a while longer after all,mother make some steps away from her to her Magdicka jumping arrived, but that's all. Mom with us then run over

slope to the bottom of the lift station, tired ... but little Magdicka least partially responds.

Horse trailer ... no loudest kid on the hill, people are turning to the other side of the slopes and watching who then worried ... that kid so “SCREAM” and while it goes only with an instructor to lift ...

Final ....“ .... so it really is not a fact, crying as if she'd been horribly tortured and perhaps even beat, makes a great shame on the slopes ... and really teaching far has nothing to do - unfortunately ”

... Hell is over, now maybe I only expect “and Purgatory Ski Paradise” on an endless expanse of ski powder snow drenched sunshine

Leaving home ... failure to acquire and again ... my “instructor ego” gets a lesson ... you know that you thought that the aftermath of years of practice have become nothing unpleasant can not “sir ski instructor”: o))

“Little red-haired Magdicka is a devil”, but give honor and tribute to her is to let our respect for the fact that once again reminded us that to everything we do, we have approached with humility and modesty! “Amen ...”

Safa o)






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lyžařšká škola - Certifikát


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